Halyna Kruk

Brno Thu 30.7. at 19:00
Ostrava Fri 31.7. at 19:00
Košice Sat 1.8. at 19:00
Львів Sun 2.8. at 20:30
Wrocław Mon 3.8. at 20:30

The fine line between poetry and literary history


Poet, writer, translator and researcher Halyna Kruk was born in 1974 in Lviv. She studied at Lviv State University and has been teaching there ever since defending her PhD thesis in 2001. She translates from Polish (e.g. the work of Wisława Szymborska) and is known for her poetry collections Mandry u poshukakh domu [Journeys in Search of Home] (1997), Slidy na pisku [Footprints on Sand] (1997) and Oblychchia poza svitlynoju [The Face Beyond the Photograph] (2005). She researches folk genres of the Ukrainian Baroque era and writes poetry and fiction for and about children (she recently contributed to the 2013 anthology Skype Mama, dedicated to children growing up away from their parents, who are earning money abroad). In her work, she draws on the tradition of Ukrainian women’s poetry and Kateryna Botanova truthfully remarks that it is easy to see that “every single verse of her poems was written by a woman”.